30 Days of Noir: Day 17 ~ The Forgotten And The Lost


And we waited for sirens that never come
And we only write by the moon, every word handwritten
And with this pistol, I thee wed
From my heart to your distress

OK, I played around here. I crafted this image, and used the lyrics of a Gaslight Anthem song, Handwritten, as the basis for the caption.

Except I snuck in a change there at the very end. Kind of like the audio trick played in the movie, The Conversation.

The real line is “And with this pen, I thee wed/from my heart to your distress.”

Not very noir like, so I smudged out pen and scratched in pistol. More noirish.

The Gaslight Anthem, and lead singer Brian Fallon, are big favorites of mine. I listened to them all the time, get lost down YouTube rabbit holes looking for old songs by them and him.

They are Jersey born-and-bred. Bruce was recently asked who should take over for him if he couldn’t do a show and he said Brian Fallon. Even though Brian has had a love/frustration relationship with the comparisons to him and Bruce, there’s no denying the influence.

In any case, I did this image as part of a photo challenge a couple of years ago. The Forgotten And The Lost. I often use other TGA lyrics as parts of captions, but never a whole song like here.

Check out Brian’s acoustic version of Handwritten.

Very melancholy. Very noir.

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016


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