30 Days of Noir ~ Day 23: Hold Your Ground


Time to walk the hard line.

Time to gain some purchase in this life.

Nothing is given to you. Nothing is expected.

It’s all gotta be earned.


Thanks to nitfy light bulbs, more oranges and greens here. Not too too noirish with this one, but sometimes it’s the general idea than the actual thing.

And, no photoshopping either. Three lights, though one gives off two colors. I always like the little spark of light a match (or Zippo lighter in this case) gives.

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016


5 thoughts on “30 Days of Noir ~ Day 23: Hold Your Ground

  1. Thanks for the month of noir. Color or monochrome, the mood of with darkness and contrast and things not “in the light” makes the noir images work.

    A question on the shots: with you in the photos, how are you managing the camera work? An operator to fire the shutter, timers, remotes, or what?

    • Thanks, David. I thought maybe this “30 days” thing was wearing out its welcome. Glad you are enjoying it. As for the images…liberal use of the 10 second timer. I set the images up all before hand, and lock focus with a stand it (usually a tripod stand). Hit the button and get in there. The thing I can’t control is the smoke, which is why I liken it to working with another character. Never know what it’s going to do, or how it will turn out.

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