30 Days of Noir ~ Day 24: That Which Is Lost…


Can never be found.


This may be my most neo-noir but least noir image I’ve ever shot. Every time I see it, it reminds me of The Long Goodbye...the neo-noir done in 1973 with Elliot Gould as Philip Marlowe and directed by the great Robert Altman.

The Gould version of The Long Goodbye was set in Hollywood…and that’s where this image was shot. I was in a little boutique hotel in West Hollywood (forgetting which one now) and the room was spec’ed out like this. It was like walking onto a movie set from the ’70s.

And that’s where the idea came from. Just a very mournful type of image.

The title gets its inspiration by a Smashing Pumpkins song, Bullet With Butterfly Wings.

Here’s the trailer for The Long Goodbye. The version of the theme song over the trailer, by Johnny Mercer, is perfect for this image.

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016


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