Dispatches: Xi’an Market


Ok, so Gary and I finished up our work day, Day 2 in Xi’An, and we went back to the hotel to backup files.

But not before I was able to get a nice portrait of Gary…


Since we had some time before dinner, I decided to take a walk around the Xi’an neighborhood where our hotel was. I wasn’t sure what was in the area, and a photo walk seemed like a good way to kill some time.

It was late afternoon and the light really diffused and flat. The streets were pretty active, though, and one of the first things I came upon was a game of checkers, which drew quite the crowd.




They seemed amused that I was there watching.

I headed down the street and turned the corner, checking out the shops and scenes as I went along.




Then, surprisingly, I stumbled upon an open-air market. I had no idea it was in the area.



Strolling through local markets – be it in India, Nicaragua, or wherever – is one of my favorite things. I just wish I was able to buy some of what I saw.


A slice of daily life.




No matter how far I go, though, home life is never too far away. As I headed back to the hotel, I passed a building, a bank maybe, that had a “guardian lion” outside. Most of these times, these guardian lions are found in pairs. In fact, I have a set of bookends of these from my last visit to China.


These figures, in Chinese, are traditionally called simply shi. The reason it reminded me of home was because it had been just a few weeks prior that our 12-year-old Shi Tzu (or “lion dog”) Bella passed away.  She was very un-lion like, of course, as is her sister, Roxie. However, when I first learned about these guardian lions, and their background, I always associate Bella and Roxie with fierce looking Shi Tzu’s….

Maybe Bella, in her own way, was keeping an eye on me…

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016



One thought on “Dispatches: Xi’an Market

  1. Ah, this is much more like the Xian i knew. At that time there was also wheat or some grain drying on the pavements. People sitting around like you show, so things never do really change 🙂

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