Dispatches: Travel Day, China > Japan


OK, so continuing on with my look at my recent (though fading fast in the rear view mirror) trip/project in Asia, the last days of November saw Gary and I traveling from Xi’an, China to Tokyo, Japan.

It was an early morning flight, made earlier from the time we had to check out of our hotel in Xi’an and head to the airport. We checked out so early…we had to wake up the gal at the front desk. No joke.

To back up slightly…our last night in Xi’an, Gary and I had dinner at a place we have no idea what the name was. Hence, we’ve taken to calling it The Red Lantern Restaurant.


The Red Lantern Restaurant

It was kind of an odd place, almost like a hotel ballroom without the hotel. The menu had pictures so we ordered by pointing. I had some type of spicy beef with peppers, these little fried scallion pancakes (congyoubing) and green tea. A good dinner to be sure.

The next morning, we got to the airport so early, nothing was open. Gary and I  both agree, it’s better to travel early and wait, rather than rush around, especially in a foreign airport. So, we got dropped off…and waited.

After awhile the check-in desk opened and we were able to get our boarding passes and gate number. Then it was off to find coffee.

Eventually, we made it onto the plane and our time in China came to a close. Some nicely diced fruit to send us on our way.



Somewhere over the mountains of China

In early afternoon, we landed at Narita Airport outside of Tokyo. The next phase of our Far East Adventure was on deck.

The immediate goal…navigate the train system to find our way from Narita to the Shizuoka Prefecture and Nagaizumi.

I had good train directions from my Japanese colleagues…but we still had to find our way on trains.


Frankly, this was the part of the trip I was most excited for: Finding our way through a foreign train station, picking up one train, then getting off and getting back on a Shinkansen, or bullet train.

Train travel is something I don’t do much of but have romantic views about.


Bullet Train From Tokyo To Nagaizumi, Japan

Konnichiwa, Japan!

More to come…

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016

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