In The Field -Nagaizumi, Japan


Nagaizumi Taxi

OK, so Gary and I made it to Japan. From Xi’an, China to Narita International Airport, onto a couple of trains and then ending up in the shadow of Mount Fuji….Nagaizumi, Japan.

We arrived in town in the early evening. Grabbed a taxi at the train station and made our way to the hotel. Nagaizumi is good sized but not like Xi’an at all. In fact, there is a marked difference between Japan and China to me. I’ve been to both three times, usually on the same trip. Landing in Japan is like being able to breathe again, and not just because China has a smog problem. It’s just a…feeling.

By the time we got to our hotel, it was dark but still early evening. Remember, we had been up really early and were beat. We met up in the little restaurant that the hotel had, had some dinner (the hotel makes their own curry, which Gary had and said was great), and that was that. Off to our small but nicely efficient rooms for some rest before day 1.


Day two started the way Day 1 ended…in the restaurant and in a cab. I didn’t even get up much earlier to go walk around – just too tired. Didn’t even try on the yukata that came with the room.

We were only about 10 minutes from the facility, so the drive there was short. It was an overcast day so we couldn’t even see where Mount Fuji was in relation to where we were.

After a tour, though, we got started with the day’s shooting.



When I wasn’t shooting Gary shooting…I was doing some portrait work.


Never works, though, when the pro gets in your shot.




In our scouting, we both liked the industrial looks that we got on the roof at one point.


Unfortunately, other than Gary getting a portrait of me, we never were able to come back to make it work.


(c) Gary S. Chapman

One thing we were getting good at…all the gowning up we had to do to access certain areas. Gary looked like a character out of Monty Python And The Holy Grail at one point.


Yes, it was that green.

We were done by late afternoon, enough time to head back to the hotel, download and back up the work, then take a short walk up the street for dinner. I was thrilled to put “Bikkuri Donkey” on my expense report. Bikkuri Donkey is a bit like a TGIFriday’s, for lack of a better description. Our choices were limited though.


Front of the house – Bikkuri Donkey

Back in the hotel, I climbed out on the balcony (literally – the window could crank open, but I had to step on the desk chair to get out there) to survey my view. Between the colors and the hotel across the way, it was like some Nagaizumi Noir.


Sounded like it too…

(c ) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016

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