JSP 2016 Year In Review


Here are are. Again.

We’ve come to the end of the line. Again.

I think many people are going to be happy to see 2016 fade into the rearview mirror. Many things considered, it was a rough year.

Too much pain and hard ship  in the world.

Too much killing. Too many shootings.

I know many people aren’t happy with the political climate here in the United States.

But you know what…there was a lot of good stuff too.

Things we can’t forget that happened this year:

All the babies born…the kisses given…the hugs gotten….the music heard…the art seen…the trips taken…the memories made.

And, especially, the photographs taken.

This year, I started following CJ Chilver’s blog. He writes about photography and often has profound insight in a number of areas. He recently wrote about how “snapshots” are some of the best forms of photography, and I agree.

I, for one, am a documentarian.

I document things – People I meet, places I go, events I am part of, my family.

Yes, I shoot for clients. Sometimes. But most of my work is by me and for me.

And that’s OK.

Down below, you can watch a video (below or here) that is a recap of my favorite 2016 images.

It was hard to edit. I liked a lot of what I shot this year.

I tried to include a few from each month, so it’s chronological. I had to finally stop producing it because I just wanted to add more and more photos. Like I said, I liked a lot of what I shot in 2016.

On a personal level,  I made some changes that greatly enhanced my marriage and family. That was my biggest “win” of the year.

I also took some fun trips, both near an far. Memories made.

From a photography perspective, I got better in some respects.

I learned my gear a little more.

I got published.

I made prints. Lots of prints.

I made mistakes.

Which means I also learned some things. You should learn from your mistakes.

I challenged myself some, but not as much, maybe, as I should have.

I kept my eyes open and I saw what I could saw.

I had fun with it.

I think this year, more than others maybe, taught me not tot take anything for granted. Don’t “come back to shoot it later.”

Shoot it now. There may not be a later.

This is especially true from a family and friends perspective. Don’t wait. Shoot it now.

I have some goals for 2017. Not really resolutions but things I want to do, areas I want to work on.

The page if flipping. It’s a fresh start in many respects.Take advantage of it.

Enough pontificating. Click to to watch a video of my favorite shots. They all hold a great memory for me, a memory of 2016.

So, go out and have a great 2017.

Shoot what you want to shoot.

Read as much as you can.

Have adventures. Any kinds.

Make prints.

Make memories.

My counter says 459 of you from around the world follow this photo blog. I really appreciate you coming by my little spot of the internet, reading what I have to say and looking at my photos. That’s pretty cool, and I thank you. If you’ve done your own photo retrospective, include a link for us in the comments section below.

Happy 2017, my friends! Let’s meet back here in next December and see what stories we can tell.

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016


One thought on “JSP 2016 Year In Review

  1. You’re right. It’s been a memorable year, good and bad. Thanks from bring us along so we may make some sense of of the year.

    Overal, the year has been mostly good ’cause we’re here for 2017 and whatever it brings.

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