JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01 | 28 | 17


In lieu of my normal mosaic of shots from the past week, this week I’m paying homage to two special ladies who had birthdays this week: My Mom and my Wife!

January birthdays are always tough. We’re mired in the middle of winter and, of times, snows keep you in the house.

Or it’s so close to Christmas, that you’re plum out of ideas what to get the birthday person, so you have to get really creative. Or hold back at Christmas 😉

This year, I had some help in the birthday gift department for my wife from my kids, especially my boys. They’ve taken to wrapping some of their toys and giving them as “gifts.” I got a few action figures back on Christmas.

Anyway, my mom celebrated her birthday last Monday and my wife’s birthday was on Thursday. My mom gave me life, literally, and my wife gives me life now.

So, here’s to them! My two special gals whom each had a special day this week.


This Week’s Links:

Other birthdays this week: Ashley Gilbertson,   David Duncan Douglas and Zoriah Miller. Quick story: I once got in touch with Joe McNally when I was hoping he could shoot an assignment for me at work. He couldn’t as he was headed to France to photography David Duncan Douglas. He then recommended I reach out to David Burnett, which was how my friendship with him started. Never did see that project Joe was shooting…

My buddy, Gary S. Chapman, was recently featured on the Wonderful Machine blog.

There was always something neat about looking up at the Penn Station arrival/departure board as the letters and numbers flipped. No more.

Loved this read about LaLa Land  by Chicago photojournalist Alex Garcia.

I’m worried about leaky showboxes in the sky, too.

What I started reading this week: Behind The Beautiful Forevers

On that note…back up your work today!

And if you had a birthday this week, happy birthday!

© Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2017



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