Project: Route 309


Back in August, when I drove home to visit my parents in Northeastern PA for a few days, I made the decision to forsake the turnpike and follow Route 309. I didn’t realize then this was going to become an exploration experience and the birth of a new personal project for me.

I guess, since I’ve had the opportunity to make a few more trips up and back in the last few months, my Route 309 Project has been born.


Every time I drive this route now, though, my eyes are open. I’m doing some exploration that I didn’t expect.And seeing some scenes that are visually appealing to me.





The final destination of this drive – which my daughter calls “the slow way” because it does add a good 30-45 minutes on to the overall travel time, is the Wyoming Valley. When I was a kid, I crossed the Cross-Valley Expressway probably a million times without giving it a thought.

Now I’m always trying to looks for something interesting – like low-lying fog – and get a good shot.


More from this Route 309 Project project to come…

© Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2017



2 thoughts on “Project: Route 309

  1. Your images bring back memories from the 10 years I lived near Lansdale, PA. The barn and diner seem so familiar. I’m looking forward to seeing more images from this project. Thanks for sharing.

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