Shaking Off The Cold


It’s Sunday. About 40 degrees, raw and drizzly. I ran 5 miles this morning with about four layers on my upper body.

But…me and the family are dgtting ready to head out of town and shake off the Jersey cold for a few days.

For this trip, I’m traveling pretty light:

* Eddie Bauer backpack  for my clothes, dopp kit, etc.

* 1 Notebook

* 1 softcover book (Ministry of Fear)

* 1 Kindle with more books

* 1 Grip bag for chargers, media cards, pens, etc.

* Trusty sunglasses (have had these for two years now!)

* Fuji X100T.

* And, of course, Flo.

Well, I’m traveling light. My wife is taking care of packing for herself and the kids and it’s like we’re a small army invading a large country.

But no computer and I’ll be trying to stay offline. I’ll unload media cards when I get home. I’m sure I’ll pick up other reading material along the way, most definitely my travel guilty pleasure, a copy of Vanity Fair magazine. I only buy this when I travel some reason.

So, be back online soon. We’re going to see what we can see.

But when I get back, I’ll show you some nice images I made with THIS pretty simple setup:


Vaya con dios, folks. See you soon!

© Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2017

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