National Strawberry Day


I found out today is National Strawberry Day.

In February? I find that a bit odd but maybe the calendar is jammed.

Reminded me, though, of this photo I did almost seven years ago now.

My little girl, Olivia, and I went had gone strawberry picking. I want to say we went to Westhaven Farm which, at the time was near the house we lived in, and now is even closer. But I can’t be sure. We may have gone to Russo’s Farm or one of the other farms int the area. Hey, we’re not called the Garden State for nothing!

Liv was about two at the time, still up for anything I wanted her to do. She’s still pretty good, doesn’t roll her eyes…much…when I have shots I want to take. But she was much more pliable then.

I had this image in my head, the shallow DOF, the redness of the berries and her dress.

I like it when and image comes together.

Last year, while out at Westhaven Farm (definitely, this time)…I got her again for a fun portrait.


© Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2017

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