Reading Is Fun!


According to some reports, it’s World Book Day today.

Well, at least in the UK and Ireland.

But I’m seeing plenty of American authors commenting on social media about it. And it led me to consider the number of books I’ve contributed my photography to.

I went digging around my bookcases and pulled this collage together. Even missing one or two that I seem to have misfiled. To think I have seven covers to my credit…and contributions to books like Trouble In The Heartland and the New Jersey 350th Anniversary Book.

The best part about being part of these books is learning about, and reading, the authors who write them. When Trouble came out, I went to the website of every one of the authors to learn about them. And read their stuff. I’ve become Facebook friends with many of them, and we often chat on line, trade jabs, comments on each other’s posts.

No, they all aren’t of the Stephen King level. But I tell you, read someone like Isaac Kirkman and your mind will be blown. Even his FB posts are above-average. That’s just raw writing talent.

If it is World Book Day, it ties into a global birthday celebration, too. Theodor Geisell, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss, would have turned 113 today. We don’t read a lot of Dr. Seuess in our house. More Splat The Cat and the Berenstain Bears.

But in the kids’s schools, Dr. Seuss is a big thing this week – readings and dress-up of favorite characters. No grinches, but we did have a Cat In The Hat.


Right now, I’m reading Moby Dick (yep, never ever had to read it in school. I want to see what all the fuss is about) and The Beautiful and The Damned.

What are you reading?


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