Too Cold For Photography


Sunday, I’m wandering around Princeton’s campus, killing some time. It was brisk and cold but a lot was catching my eye. It’s a pretty gorgeous campus, of course.

As I’m shooting some architecture, an older gent  all bundled up is passing me and says “It’s too cold for photography!”

I laughed and we started a very fun conversation. He told me how he had photographed many (but not all) of the gargoyles/artwork that adorn many of the buildings. That I should go to the architecture building and ask for the books he did.

He told me his name was Lee. We chatted for awhile, I asked him if he was faculty. He said no, but he had worked for the defense department, and taught a few courses here.

He had a great face enveloped in one of those trapper hats with fur on the inside. I asked if I could take a quick portrait. He said “Sure.”

[As an aside…I like to fill the frame with portraits sometimes. I like environmental portraits, but I like to fill the frame, too. Lee’s portrait reminds me of this one that I shot in Belgium last October.]

Back to my story…He wanted to show me a quote on McCosh Hall, which was where I was headed. We walked over there, and he pointed above the doorway to the quote. It was very cool.

Here We Are Taughty_030517_DSCF4914

I asked his name again…he said “Lee…Lee Neuwirth.”

I said “Oh really? Any relation to the actress, Bebe?”

“Yep, she’s my daughter.”

© Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2017

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