Event: A Great Day In Princeton

Group shot_Bob Santelli_mkrajnak2_030517_DSCF5206

                         Front row, l-r: Danny Clinch, Frank Stefanko, Ed Gallucci                                    Back row, l-r: Barry Schneier, Bob Santelli, Eric Meola

Yep, I teased this event on Friday.

Having shot a similar event at Monmouth University back in 2015, I was thrilled to be able to attend this event and shoot it as well.

The panel discussion was held at McCosh Hall, a venerable spot on Princeton University’s campus. The building is over 100 year old. Einstein taught the Theory of Relativity in this space.

Let that sink in.



It was very cool just walking into it. But….there was good and bad.

The good:

It’s a big hall but high windows gave me a lot of natural light to work with.

McCosh Hall_030517_DSCF5100

Empty, Pre-Event

McCosh Hall_filled_030517_DSCF5023


The Bad:

See those 100+ year old floors? They look great. But they squeak when you walk on them. A lot. And when you’re wearing non-rubber soled boots, every step – especially during a panel discussion and you’re trying to work the room – sounds like a cannon shot. So…


Yep, took my boots off and padded around in my socks for the better part of the discussion, until the very end when they were finishing up.

Good thing I didn’t wear my old socks with the holes in the toes! Sometimes you have to get your camera in a new place, sometimes you just better hope you have clean socks.

To be honest, I didn’t hear much of the panel. I was kind of in the “photographer zone” and was thinking more about what and where I was going to be shooting so I didn’t hear too much. Snippets here and there though. Some of the stories I had heard before, some were new to me.

It was also interesting to hear about sometimes when they didn’t get the job (Danny losing out to Anton Corbijn for the Devils & Dust album cover) and when things didn’t go as planned (Ed Gallucci’s camera jamming). Everyone, even the pros, ain’t perfect folks, and stuff like this happens. You just have to get past it and try to keep working.


Click here to watch a video of Danny talking about making your subjects comfortable


After the panel presentation, there was a private reception at Morven Museum, where the exhibit it. I had to pack my gear (and put on my shoes) so I took a few minutes make my way up Nassau Street to museum. As it turned out, Danny and Frank (and Frank’s wife) were behind the main group and were walking up themselves. Since I knew where we were going, they followed me.

It was about 5:15, and the late-afternoon light was playing off Princeton’s campus. We were walking into it going down Nassau Street. It was cold and the light was golden. I was snapping some with my Fuji X100T as we went a long, and grabbed this one that I like of Danny telling Frank where to stand so that he should snap a pic. He shot one with his ever-present Leica and one with his iPhone (hope I see it some day).Frank Stefanko_030517_DSCF5128

It was kinda neat being the fly-on-the-wall.

When we made it to Morven, the reception had already started. For me, my goal was to get a portrait of all the photographers together, along with Bob Santelli. I didn’t get that back in 2015 for some reason. I wanted that shot..really wanted it this time around. It didn’t happen at McCosh Hall, so I had to make it happen at Morven.

To be honest, the light wasn’t great in any of the rooms. Cast very yellow which, to me, detracted from the Springsteen photos a bit too. But by shooting in black & white (which I was doing a lot of anyway), I knew it would take the yellow out of the room and I could have a clean image.

So near the end of the reception, I pulled Barbara Webb, the director of communications for Morven and said “We have try for the group shot now, before they start leaving.” I decided to shoot in one particular room that had Eric Meola’s prints in it – well, I decided but Danny was helping me “scout” and he suggested that room. I wasn’t about to say no.

I hustled everyone in there, pulled over a bench, and was just going to do a straight-on portrait. Which I did, and that’s the one leading off this post.

But then…they started to get into it a little. It was Danny, I think, that loosened them all up a little. They started to play to the camera a bit.

Poppin Collars_mkrajnak_030517_DSCF5226

Poppin Collars_mkrajnak_030517_DSCF5221

It wasn’t just me with them, though. I had the crowd to contend with….

Morven Museum Pit_(c)Eileen Chapman 030517

(c) Eileen Chapman

To the far right of the frame is Barbara Webb, whom I mentioned earlier. The woman next to hear is Eric Meola’s wife. The gent in the beret and mustache is Jim Marchese, who shot a lot of Springsteen in Europe during the mid-1970s. And me, working with the Canon 70D at this point.

Jim Marchese_mkrajnak_030517__MG_3569

And Danny was shooting video too.


Overall, it was a great day. I’m very happy with the images I created or the event, and Backstreets.com seems happy too. Read a full recap of the panel discussion from Caryn Rose here.



I also put together this slideshow from the event and reception which you can click here to view or below to watch.

The one thing I wish I would have thought of was to have someone take my photo in with the rest of the group.

Ah well. Next time!

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