JSP Week In Review ~ 3.11.17

JSP_Week In Review_03.11.17

I bought me a potato crimper this week. It’s that pic above, the thing with the orange handle.

It’s a fun little device ($10 at Sur La Table) that puts that crinkle on potatoes and veggies. I think my mom had one, seems like a device that’s always been in the kitchen drawer. Something made me think of it recently and I set out to get one. It’s nothing really special, but it’s fun.

When I posted the photo to my FB page, though, I was surprised a few people commented that they didn’t know such a think existed and now that they know it existed, they wanted one. Made me feel like Steve Jobs and all the Apple products – we don’t really need all his dohickeys but he makes us want one.

Anyway, this week flew by. There was a lot going, I shot a lot and edited a lot. This site got some nice traffic, thanks to Backstreet.com.

And out in the real work, I made some new friends via the panel discussion last week.

We have a quiet weekend headed our way here in our little section of New Jersey, which I’ll enjoy since the next few will be busy.

How about you? Make any new friends this week?


Birthdays This Week: Joel Meyerowitz, Charlie Moore, Toni Frissell, David LaChapelle

What I watched this week: Eddie & The Cruisers. This Is Us.

What I listened to this week: Pothole In The Sky – Lisa O’Neil

This was neat. Photofocus recognized me as Photographer Of The Day this week.

My Australian buddy, Andrew Nette has a guest post from my NJ statemate, Thomas Pluck, on his new book Bad Boy Boogie.

Nadav Kander on mastering your creative language.

“The greatest photographers see the image before they click it.”  ~ Charlie Moore

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2017

2 thoughts on “JSP Week In Review ~ 3.11.17

  1. You had a very good week. My week (and a half) has been good. The highlights have been passing my amateur radio license exam, shooting the high school band concert on Friday, shooting rocks and wildflowers on Saturday morning, and my granddaughter’s first birthday party afterwards. Plus I did make a few new friends.

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