Dogs In Hats And Other Things


You know I’m a big fan of AdoramaPix. I do all my printing through them and I mention them a lot here (And, full disclosure, I don’t get anything via my mentions. Would be nice…but I don’t.)

But I had to laugh this weekend. I ordered a more prints from AdoramaPix (8X10’s this time) late last week, and they came over the weekend. I though I had also ordered a 5×7 as well, a family shot from when we were in Cancun.

Well, I got the 5×7…but it was this one. A dog in a hat. Apparently at his/her birthday party.

I have a dog.

I have a hat.

However that is is not my dog.

Nor my hat.

I hope whomever ordered this print gets it at some point.


New Jersey is getting ready for a major snowstorm, even though we moved the clocks forward this past weekend and Spring is supposed to arrive next week.

Nevertheless, our local ice cream shop opened for the season yesterday and me and the kids had to partake to commemorate the occasion.


A very pretty file out of the FujiX1oot.

And, I have to ask…those three cones…do you call them “sprinkles” or “jimmies”? This seems to be a regional thing. I grew up calling them sprinkles, but when I moved to Philly and spent time down the South Jersey shore, and they are also often called “jimmies.”

What say you?


Last summer, my wife redid our master bathroom. I say my wife because the design, color, features, it was all her working with the contractor. She involved me a little but really, I wanted her to be happy with it, so she to control. I like the way it all came out and she did a really  nice job (I think interior design is a latent talent of hers.)

Anyway, my job was to supply a “serene” photo for the wall. I didn’t want her buying a stock photo, so she tasked me with it. A few I showed her didn’t really fit the bill, but on our recent trip to Mexico I shot this:


Somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico

She thought this one could work, so I ordered an 8×10. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong file and got this one back:

Sailboat_Cancun Mexico_022017_DSCF4405

Nice, but not the one she wanted. So I went back and ordered the correct one. She framed it and it’s now in a place of honor.

Bathroom photo_031317_MG_3648

I have to say, I think it’s a good choice. Perfect with the color of the wall and suitably serene for when she’s lounging in the bath.

This reminds me, though, I haven’t really shared any of those Cancun pics. No, not the family-style vacation images, but some of the other more interesting ones from the Fuji X100T.

A post for another day.

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