In The Field: The Cancun Muse

Goggles_Cancun Mexico_022017_DSCF4079

The Blizzard of ’17 didn’t really hit us all that hard, at least not where I am in New Jersey.

North Jersey got a lot, really had to dig out. Not us in the central part of the state. We only got about 4 inches, if that. Much more sleet and slush that quickly froze over. Kids missed one day of school on Tuesday, and had a delayed opening on Wednesday, but the streets are clear bone dry and clear now. Some of our plants, not so much.


It was a month ago that we were in Cancun for our now-annual mid-winter excursion. It was a family affair as, in addition to my family, my wife’s parents and our niece joined us too.

In addition to the family vacation documentation shots, I was able to explore with the X1ooT a bit as well. I was looking for colors, tones, unique looks. Off the beaten vacation path.

The openigg shot here comes from when I was standing in about knee-deep Gulf of Mexico water and this swimmer surfaced right in front of me.


This one reminds me of a Martin Paar-type shot. Shot of the hip, I like it, though the background is a little messy. i like the colors, though. And the anklet.


Again, colors. The blues of the water and the bar background.



Snuck in a couple of portraits (even if one was a pelican)…

And some in-the-moment shots:



Cancun Mexico_022017_DSCF3883


(you see her, right?)

And again, the colors…



Primary Colors_022017_DSCF3934

And the sunsets…


Beach Walk_Cancun Mexico_020217_DSCF4121

Now, it’s about 23 degrees outside my window. It’s sunny but cooooold. Going back wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Instead, rather than looking back, I’m looking forward to some new projects on the horizon, some new adventures and…a warm New Jersey spring and summer.

APFightClub_Cancun Mexico_022017_DSCF4197

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2017



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