Burning With Control

Controlled burn1_032417_DSCF5731

You can tell it’s Spring is coming around my part of Upper Freehold/Western Monmouth County – or Horse Country as I like to tell people.

  • The buds on the trees are starting to open
  • The lake in the wood about a half mile from me isn’t frozen as I can hear the bullfrogs singing at night sometimes now.
  • Controlled burns are taking place in some areas around me.

The other afternoon, I had to run out to the store. When I pulled out of my drive way, I could see black smoke in the sky. I knew there had to be a controlled burn going on but I wasn’t sure where.

My FujiX100T was on the seat beside me.

As it turned out, I had to go past the burn area. It’s a local wildlife area not to far away from me.


The local fire department was on site, as was the N.J. Forest Fire Service. As I said, it was mid-afternoon and luckily there wasn’t much traffic. I was able to shoot from my driver’s side window.

I could still feel the heat coming off the burning ground, and ashes (non-burning) were whirling around my dashboard.

The Forest Fire Service, while keeping watch on things, were shooting video on their iPhones. I didn’t shoot any video, though.

Forestry men2_032417_DSCF5736

I kinda wish I would have gotten out of my truck and seeing what else I could have gotten. Maybe some portraits or something like that. Next time, maybe.


A local paper just had an article about why N.J. does these controlled burns (up to 20K acres of forest this year.) This was the second one I experienced having come across one in February 2016.

Again, I was happy I had my camera with me. Would have kicked myself if I would have missed this opportunity.

Bears Repeating: Always carry a camera with you.

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3 thoughts on “Burning With Control

  1. Controlled burns that mimic nature prevent some of the monster fires that we see in the news.

    Learn to use the camera in your phone. The quality cam be surprisingly good and you’ll always have it with you.

    • David, I’d prefer an actual camera to my smartphone. I have a base model Android (via my work) that does an ok job, but not great. OK in a pinch, if I use Snapseed to edit it. But I have a bi to hand shake and have a hard time with sharp phone images. Yes, it’s always with me, but so is my Fuji X100T. While the best camera is one you have on you, for sure, that camera isn’t always the best one for the shooter. šŸ˜‰

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