The Adventure of Photography


I know we all don’t have a lot of time between work, family, trying to work on our craft…but I highly recommend taking an hour to check out this interview.

In this one-hour (ok, 65 minute, 19 seconds) talk, Chase Jarvis sits down with Joe McNally and they cover a lot of bases. Everything from Joe’s background in journalism, to the shots he’s missed to what he’s learned and how keeps motivated.


Some key quotes from Joe that I picked up (yes, I started to take notes):

“As a photographer, you accept failure on a regular basis and you keep fighting through it.”

“One of the hardest things to do is make pictures that have inter-relationships that move the reader, the viewer, forward.”

“Photography is about the intersection. You make intersection permanent by photographing it. If you miss it, then it’s downstream…over…never to be reclaimed.”

“Shoot what you love, make it accessible.”

“Craft is necessary, but also the easiest thing to learn.”

“Technical knowledge will support what you want to say.”

“I still have this sense of adventure about it. I always say ‘Let’s turn another page in the adventure book.'”

And the biggie…

“Joe, you’re a freelance photographer. No one gives a shit.” (said to him by a member of the New York Fired Department, putting, as Joe says, what he does in proper perspective.)

Seriously, it’s an hour well spent. Click here to watch it.

PS: During the conversation, Joe briefly (and humbly) mentions a project he did with the NYPD. Click here to read my interview with him about this project.

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