JSP Week In Review ~ 04.01.17.


View from the counter of John & Elaine’s Family Restaurant, Point Pleasant, NJ

Hey, lookit us! We made it to April!

Busy week for me. Saw the ocean twice this week, via two different NJ beach towns. Dug my hands deeper in my pockets on the cold Asbury Park boardwalk last Sunday and tugged my hood over my head in the cold rain on the Point Pleasant boardwalk yesterday.

Also splashed through some puddles in Princeton on Wednesday night after a good dinner meeting there.

This was one of those pretty good weeks where I got a lot done, shot some good pictures and got imparted a lot of creative inspiration.

It doesn’t always happen that way but this week it did. And next week it’s not guaranteed to happen the same way, so I’ll take it.

No complaints.


This Week’s Links:

Birthdays This Week: Edward Steichen, Jo Javier Lopez, Bruce Weber, Nick Ut, Edward Gallucci.

What I’m reading this week: The Whiskey Sea, Time & Chance

What I watched this week: Gut, Heart & Alignment

The other day, I told you about that great Joe McNally/Chase Jarvis video. Anyone watch it yet? If so, what did you think?

Nick Ut retires.

Liam Neeson as Phillip Marlowe? Not sure sure about that. My pick would be Titus Welliver.

The greatest war photographer you never heard of.

Your job can’t be the only meaningful thing in your life.

“”You always wonder if you can make plays at the end” ~ Bruce Weber

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