Let’s Play Two


Opening Day 2017 is here!

I know baseball isn’t what it used to be. Long schedules, arrogant stars, big-money contracts.

Performance-enhancing drugs.

Hey, it’s not the same for me either, not like it was back in the early-to-mid ’80s when I lived and died with every pitch, and pretended I was Manny Trillo or Brooks Robinson in the backyard.


Maybe I like the idea of baseball more than I like the actual game. But whatever the case, on Opening Day, all sins are forgotten and it’s a tangible sign that summer is coming.


My dad’s 1950s era Ernie Banks glove with a ball I had Mr. Cub sign in 1997

I’ll be coaching Matt’s t-ball team, the Hot Rods, again this year. Chase moves up to Rookie Ball, where they actually pitch to the kids. Hopefully, at some point, I’ll take all the kids down to Citizens’ Bank Park in Philadelphia to see the Phillies, and we’ll also get to stadium where the local Trenton Thunder minor league team plays.

National Anthem

I’m sure I’ll shoot some portraits, too, like I did of Chase’s team last year. There’s something about young guy in eye black.


Whatever the case, I’ll be locked in for the next six months, following the Phillies, the Mets and the Yankees (the latter two are on the NY stations I get here in NJ). It’s a six-month serial story of the ups, downs, liners, strike outs and home runs.

catchers gear_nostalgia_2017

Only two things to say:

Play Ball!

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