And Then She Said..

The hat_033117_DSCF6107

And then she said….


It’s been a while since I offered up a photo as a story starter. I think this one was the last time I did it.

Well, I think it’s time we do it again, shall we?

Here we go, same as last time:

The Specs:

Write a 800-1,000 word flash fiction short story centered around this scene.

It can be any genre. (I seem to get a lot of crime fiction, but it doesn’t have to be.)

Set it anywhere you like. (the last one had to be set in Philly.)

MUST INCLUDE THE LINE: And then she said…. Somewhere in the story, you have to include this line. Because that’s the line that popped into my head when I was working on this image.

Send the story  to me at as a Word document, include your name and location and any websites you want links to.

The Deadline:

Sunday, May 7 at 12 p.m. (high noon).

The Prize:

I’ll post the stories as PDF’s, let my readers tell me which one they like, I’ll tally it up and pick the winner. If it’s a tie, names go into a hat, one name comes out.

The winner then gets to choose any of my images and I’ll make a nice 16×24 print for them, suitable for framing. Not this image, any photo they want from my portfolio or this site.


A little background on the image. Last week, I chaperoned my son’s Pre-K class field trip to an aquarium on the Point Pleasant Boardwalk.


Just off the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ


It was a chilly, raw, rainy day down the Jersey Shore. Not the day people would generally call a “beach day” but it, to me, was still a cool down to in a shore town. He only goes half day on Fridays so after the aquarium visit was over, he was free to leave with me. I don’t get to Point Pleasant to much (too crowded in the summer) so I was tooling around a bit.

I stopped at a surf shop to look for something, then we headed to a diner for lunch. Well, it was actually called John & Elaine’s Family Restaurant, down off of Richmond Ave. Matt wanted to sit at the counter rather than a booth so that’s what we did.


This is my type of place, whether they call it a diner or a family restaurant. It had it all…doughnuts under one of those dome things, an orange juicer that looks like it’s been there since the Sixties…


And the requisite autographed photos of “stars” that came in. Surprisingly, no Springsteen, but I did spy Ritchie Sambora, guitarist from Bon Jovi (that’s him in the shades), and Pam Anderson. No idea if they came in together at some point.


Oh, and Tony Soprano, too, there over the coffee filters.

While we sat at the counter chatting, Matt threw back a hot dog, fries and an apple juice. I dug into a chicken parm with an iced tea.

We spun around on the seats.

In the back, I saw this gal with the hat having lunch.

I loved the hat.

It’s a Faye Dunaway hat. Seriously, that was the first thing I thought of – Faye Dunaway.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen someone wearing a hat like that in real life, certainly not down the Jersey Shore.

I had to get a shot of her. I had my small Fuji X100T with me and snuck a couple of shots. They were lousy. Then I just brazenly took one, and, as you can see, she seems to have caught me.

Ah well, no fear when I have the camera. If Matt wasn’t with me, I probably would have asked for a format portrait, 100 Strangers-style.

I converted it to B&W, cropped it, so here it is.

I think she can make a good character in a story. YOUR story.

So, what say you….up for it?

Tell me…and then she said… what?

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