JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 04.08.17.

JPS Visual Week In Review_040817

Last Sunday, my little girl turned 10. There are three big things that happened to me where I realized my life was changing. Her being born on April 2, 2007, was one of those three times.

Anytime a child is born, it’s a big thing. Religious or not, you gotta realize it’s a flat-out miracle for all that to happen.

I have three miracles living under my roof.

Last weekend, we celebrated Olivia turning 10. Ten is a good age. You start to remember things and really experience things without being in that haze of babyhood. Interests and ideas start to really get pushed forth. Plans start get to be made.

Liv has always been a bit precocious. It’s been great fun watching her develop. Yes, as she’s a pre-teen now, we’re getting a bit of all that entails. And the battles she has with her brothers…well, not quite epic but they can be loud.

Still, it was a good day for her, and for me to take stock of things. Where I was 10 years ago, where I am now.

And where I’m going.

Where we all are going.


This Week’s Links:

Birthdays this week: Francesca Woodman, Peter Gowland, William Henry Jackson

What I’m (still) reading this week: The Whiskey Sea, Time and Chance and Moby Dick.

What I’ll be reading soon.

Read: How reading fiction can make you better at your job.

Good news this week: I made the Communications Arts shortlist for their Photography competition! Part of the 665 that was whittled down from more than 3,300 entries.

Bad News this week: This.

Watch: A complete video (though can work for photography) LED light kit for $150.

“I take portraits of gods.”

I picked up a new tool this week.

Finally, yesterday was the WHO’s World Health Day. The focus this year was on depression. Here’s a look at why Bruce Springsteen’s decision to disclose his battle with depression is important. Folks, depression ain’t no joke. Don’t let it eat you alive. If you need to talk to someone about how you feel, please do so.

“If you’re not operating in the 90 percent doing/10 percent strategy world, you’re doing it wrong.” ~ Chase Jarvis

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