BTS Sunday With David Bowman

(c)JSP_David Bowman_2009

Thought I’d start a new feature here on the blog, BTS Sunday.

It struck me the other day that, since I’ve been on so many corporate photo shoots, and since people love BTS stuff, I’ll start to post what I’ve shot over the years.

Full disclosure, though…my images of the image makers may not always be great. Like this one. I’m having a hard time accessing the hard drive that it’s on and this is a smaller, low-res version of the shot. I wish it were better, and hopefully some day, I’ll get into that drive again.


In summer 2009, I went out to Chicago with art director and designer extraordinaire, Stephen Doyle, to oversee a photoshoot for a J&J Annual Report story on contact lenses.

We were working with David Bowman, a Minnesota-based photographer. His assistant on the shoot was Josh Quigley and our subject was a 14-year old girl who was active in dance and sports. She was able to wear this particular contact lens with no problems.

The Shoot:

I think this was on the second day of the shoot. It was mid-afternoon but the only time we could get the family together for a nice portrait. We had them outside under a tree, as you can see, and David was rockin’ the big 60″ octagon soft box. He loves those big soft boxes.

That’s Josh in the foreground and Stephen art directing over David’s shoulder. The little brother is in tree and the dog, that looks like Asta from The Thin Man movies, was in and out of the frame.

I don’t quite remember what David was shooting here but I want to say Nikon. At least that what he was shooting when I interviewed him here.

David and I still keep in touch. I’m hoping to work with him again at some point. Great guy, check out his work!

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3 thoughts on “BTS Sunday With David Bowman

  1. The small BTS shots are good enough to show us what is happening. Don’t worry about having to post the highers resolution versions of the BTS images.

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