Tearsheet: Backstreets.com and Springteen On The Radio Event

Backstreets tearsheet_040917

Last week, I had the opportunity to shoot an event: Springsteen On The Radio, that is part three of a recent Morven Museum swing of Springsteen-related events. As the image above says, it’s in conjunction with the current exhibit, Bruce Springsteen: A Photographic Journey.

My images are now up on Backstreets.com.

What made this discussion unique was that it featured two local (and legendary) disc jockey’s, 105.7 The Hawk‘s Tom Cunningham (host of Bruce Bunch) and NPR & WXPN’s David Dye. David just retired from hosting World Cafe last week, but that’s not slowing him down. In addition, noted Springsteen photographer and Jersey guy, Frank Stefanko, also joined the panel at one point as well.

Click the Backstreets.com link to read all about it. Some other thoughts below…

I don’t tune in to a lot of radio programs, but I certainly knew of  Tom and David, especially since I lived in Philly for 10 years. When Chris Phillips at Backstreets.com asked if I could cover this, I was definitely excited.

The site itself presented challenges. The talk was held a main room at The Present Day Club. When I first got there, the nature light coming through the French doors to the right of the stage was gorgeous. Of course, though, since the discussion started at 7, it was getting dark and I had to adapt to that.

The other challenge was…there was a banister going right up the middle of the stage. And with people sitting in the seats, it was forever in my way dead center, unless I wanted to shoot from the side. Which I had to do a lot.


There’s that banister.

Tom Cunningham_David Dye_mkrajnak_040617_MG_3870

Which led me to shoot from the side a lot.


There wasn’t too much opportunity to make too many “interesting” images. This was pretty much just event coverage. But I did get a few nice, if not standard, portraits.

David Dye_two_mkrajnak_040617_DSCF6491

Legendary WXPN DJ David Dye, now…and then.

Frank Stefanko_Tom Cunningham_David Dye_mkrajnak_040617_DSCF6495

From l-r: Frank Stefanko, Tom Cunningham, David Dye

I sent B&W images to Backstreets.com in keeping with the general style I normally send to them. I think they just look nicer in this atmosphere, and people (even people in the audience) comment to me that they like them. I just think they look nice. The above portrait, though, ran in color.

I would have liked to have done more environmental portraits of each participant, but timing just didn’t allow for it to happen. I even emailed Tom earlier in the week to see if I could come into his studio and shoot him there, but no luck. However, it did lead me to think more about developing better off-camera lighting skills should I get faced with that situation or need. It’s never too late to start on a New Year’s resolution, so that’s a skill I want to develop going forward.

At one point, an audience member asked Frank Stefanko what it’s like to shoot Bruce. Frank actually just did a photoshoot with Springsteen two days prior to the event for a book Frank is working on. His response was timely, and telling. I had the wherewithal to capture it on video:

I’m happy to get another piece up on Backstreet.com. A good amount of readership there considering the topic! I may have something else coming up with them by end of the month, so stay tuned!

On the way out of Princeton, I had to grab this moody, noir-ish shot of signage hanging on Route 206, outside Morven Garden.

Springsteen At Morven_040617_DSCF6524

Maybe it’s time to revisit Bruce Noir….

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