Personal Project: The Rookie Chronicles 2017


New season, new personal project:

The Rookie Chronicles

Last year, Chase (and, Matt, on a part-time basis) was playing t-ball at the local park.

This year, since he’s now six, he’s moved up to Rookie Ball.

In Rookie Ball, the kids play on an actual baseball diamond, not on bases placed on the high school football field.

And, in Rookie  Ball, it’s machine pitch, not off a tee.


The machine is like the baseball equivalent of a catapult. The coach loads a ball on the pneumatic arm, and then releases it.

The ball doesn’t catapult in a lob, more on a line, but it’s still erratic, much like an actual pitcher. (Frankly, I don’t know why the coaches don’t pitch but that’s for another forum.)

Anyway, practice started last week. Saturday it was chilly and windy. But last night, it was about 75 and felt like summer.


I’m a documentarian: My life and my family, especially. This gives me the chance to do a long-term project (well, a few months anyway) and see what I can see.

My primary tool for this project will be the little point-and-shoot I just got, a Canon SX610. While I’m not coaching Chase’s team, I may pitch in to help at times. This little Canon fits in my pocket and I can do some quick snaps when I see something developing on the field. I WILL be managing Matt’s t-ball team, the Hot Rods, and will use it there, too.

To process, it’ll be the Nik Silver “Film Noir” filter to give the images some nice aesthetics and uniformity. I take the grain out, but like the tones and messy frame.


So, grab your peanuts and popcorn and follow along. On Instagram, I’ll be tagging these under #therookiechronicals17.

See you at the ball field.

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3 thoughts on “Personal Project: The Rookie Chronicles 2017

  1. Have fun, Coach. You and the family will get more out of your coaching than you and they would with you sitting in the stands. Been there, done that, and have multiple shirts and caps to show for it.

    • I agree, David, though I think it’s good for the kids to learn to be coached by others too. Best of both worlds this season!

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