Tearsheet: Backstreets.com / Upstage All-Star Jam


I know, I know…I didn’t post a Visual Week In Review on Saturday, or a BTS on Sunday.

But I have a good reason, I swear.


At quite last minute (11 p.m. on Thursday), the team at Backstreets.com was able to get me a photo pass for the Asbury Park Music & Film Festival. The goal was to shoot at least three events.

The first was billed as the Upstage All-Star Jam. The Upstage was a no-alcohol allowed club in Asbury Park in the early 1970’s. It was only open for about three years, but it’s legacy was cemented for much longer due to the volume of performers that started there, and their impact on the “Asbury Park Sound.”

Of course, Bruce Springsteen was one of those musicians that got their start at the Upstage. And, like any good alumni, he decided to stop back to jam with the old crew.

Guitar Jam_mkrajnak_042117_MG_5115

And, on a rarely played Les Paul/Gibson, jam he…and they…did.


It’s probably best to read the Backstreets column first, and I’ll try to fill in more details, photographically speaking, over the next few days. Needless to say, it was a huge weekend in every sense of the word.

But right now, I have more concert photos to edit. More to come…

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12 thoughts on “Tearsheet: Backstreets.com / Upstage All-Star Jam

  1. With what you were being permitted to shoot, I’m certain the skipped posts were only delayed. I’m certain we’ll be seeing posts on the shooting adventures. I’m happy that had the opportunity to shoot.

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