She Said What?

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Well, the stories are in.

You may remember, just over a month ago, I set forth another flash fiction contest for one of my prints.

There seemed to be a lot of early interest. I received some FB messages and Tweets with affirmations that people are interested and will submit.

But, I know how it is. People have great intentions, but then life gets in the way. Flash fiction isn’t easy. It takes time to think it out and write and revise.

In the end, I got two submissions for the contest. So, without further adieu, here they are, in PDF format:

And Then She Said by Lou Valente

Running Off The Biddies by Bill Baber

A couple of my thoughts about these stories….

First, Lou Valente is new to submitting stories to JSP. And his is very interesting to me because he gets the line out of the way right away – in the title!

Second, he sets the story in South Philadelphia. While not explicit, I know it’s South Philly because i recognize the street names. From 1992 to 1996, I lived at 7th & Sears in South Philly, deep in the heart of the Italian section, right around the corner from Pat’s King of Steaks.

I even recognize the name Judy’s Cafe. Not sure I ever went there – maybe once –  but I’m pretty sure I was past it a million times.

As for Bill Baber’s story…well, Bill is an old friend JSP having submitted a few times before. He submitted a story here…and here…and here.

I was happy to see Bill send another selection.

But now, it’s up you, dear JSP blog reader. Have a read at both stories and leave me a comment below to which story you like best. The writer with the most votes gets to pick a JSP print.

I’ll tally up the votes on Sunday night and will let you know via my Twitter feed as to the winner.

**Word of caution: These stories aren’t for everyone. There’s some language in them that may curl your toes, so just be forewarned. I just have to put that out there!

Happy reading!

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9 thoughts on “She Said What?

  1. Bill Baber always delivers the goods!

    PS. Mark – where do you announce your flash fiction contests? I would be very keen to have a crack in the future.

    • Thanks for the vote, Tom. I generally announce these things here…and then on my Twitter stream. And sometimes I send a direct email those that have contributed in the past to give them a head’s up. So, best to follow my blog or send me an email at and I can shoot you a note when I do this again (there’s no schedule – very random!)

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  3. Enjoyed Lou’s story and the Philadelphia setting. However, my vote goes to Bill Baber. “Running off the Biddies” captures the essence of the photo. Well done, Bill.

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