Personal Project: The Rookie Chronicles, Games Go On

Luke Cottrell_bw_042917_IMG_4580

The season is  in full swing. Chase’s team, the Marlins, has some good older (6-7 year olds) and some hard-working younger (5-young 6 year olds).

There’s a marked difference in some. That extra year of running, hitting, throwing and growing shows.

For many of the kids, Chase included, this is the first time they are in front of ball coming in at them.

And then coming back at them when they are in field.


It’s easy to forget that this sport isn’t easy.  Especially putting a round object on a round ball coming in at you.

Chase batter_050217_IMG_4651

Chase has had his ups and down. He got his first hit the other day, so the coach gave him the game ball. It’s now proudly on a shelf in his room

Last night, he started the game catching, which he’s done a few times but doesn’t like it even a little.


From a dad perspective though…I gotta say….I love seeing him standing in the gear out there behind the dish as the National Anthem plays. Talk about pride.


His Marlins lost the game, and he made the last out. Hey, you can’t win them all but the Marlins have been winning more than losing. And we’re trying to teach the kids the sport and how to be sports and the handshake at the end is what counts.


The season rolls on…

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