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Personal Project: Walking For Water


There’s a pretty famous story, maybe you’ve heard it, about a guy who walks on water.

Did it actually happen?

Hard to say. We all now know that unless you take a  picture of it with your cellphone – that dessert your eating, the celebrity transgressing, the UFO you think you saw – it doesn’t really count.

I jest, of course.

Water is an essential element in life and society. There’s even a World Water Day, and I’ve written about it. Unfortunately, many people don’t have enough of it, or it’s extremely difficult for them to get clean water.

To help with this, my family and I will be taking part in the Villages In Partnership Water Walk on May 20th. Through it, we’re hoping to help, even a little bit, the impoverished nation of Malawai, Africa.

Allentown Presbyterian Church here in Allentown, NJ, is closely associated with Malawi. Our pastor, Stephen Heinzel-Nelson and his wife, Liz, lived in Malawi and then co-founded Villages in Partnership. Pastor Stephen goes back every couple of years ,and his wife returns 3-4 times per year. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get there to help out as well.

Anyway, as we’ve become more involved with APC, we thought this would be a great way to help out, give back and do something as a family. So, on May 20th, my squad and I will be a-walkin at part of Pastor Steve’s team, Team Rev.

Now the pitch

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know I’ve been to Africa – Katui, Nairobi and Ethiopia. I’ve seen some programs that need help to stay afloat. I’ve also seen how what the folks there need, and the help they also need.

I know you all come to my little corner of the web to read about, talk about, and view photography. But I’d like to ask your help if I may. The Krajnak Family is looking to raise $1,000 for Villages in Partnership. Leslie and I are contributing, of course, but I’m asking if you may help us help VIP and the people of Malawai. I have over 500 followers of this blog so even if you can contribute just $10, that would be a huge help to us.

If you’d care to contribute, please click this link to go to our page. The donation is tax-deductible and your employer may even doing a matching gift, which would be awesome.

Now…I’ll maybe sweeten the pitch a little. If you contribute at least $10 to our page, I’ll send you a beautiful 5×7 postcard as a thank you of one of the following photos (your choice):

Friends, Katui, Kenya


On The Pitch, Katui, Kenya

Cape Town Sunset

Burn Time – Jersey Noir

Bruce Springsteen, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Each photo will be expertly printed by AdoramaPix with a metallic finish and a white border, suitable for framing. I’ll personally QA and sign them over before I mail it out to you.

Now…if you donate $25 to $75 , I’ll send you an 12×16 of you choice of the above photos.

A $75 to $100 donation will get you a 16×24 print of the above.

Any donation over $100…a 16×24 choice of any of these photos or any pic in my portfolio, mounted on foam core.

I’m not going to keep a tab of who donates or who doesn’t. I know we all get hit up for things like this all time. I do appreciate your coming by JSP every now and then, and I’d certainly greatly appreciate if you can help the Krajnak Family meet our goal. But if you can’t, or don’t wish to donate, no worries.

Thanks for reading! I’ll let you know how my squad makes out.

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