Make Prints 2017 – #4

April Stacks_051617_IMG_4876

Putting pixels to papers, April edition.

The stacks of goodness came the other day. In April, I shot some baseball pics, and a good number of portraits.

And some guy named Bruce and his friends having a little jam in Asbury Park.

Also, Mike checked in with a great question the other day. He asked…How do you store and organize all these prints?

Great question!

Well, my organization is really detailed and tedious to explain. But I’ll try…

filing system_052017_IMG_4991

Yep, there is it – my super-duper storage and filing system.

Climate-controlled to!

OK, maybe not. And granted, my system leaves a lot to be desired.

A LOT to be desired.

But at least they aren’t scattered all over the place like they were…just a few weeks ago.

I do hope to upgrade it….someday.

But for now…this will have to do.


As always…MAKE PRINTS!

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2017

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One thought on “Make Prints 2017 – #4

  1. Nice….. I’m still not sure if I’m making a bigger deal out of the storage process than it needs to be but at this point your system is better than mine… which is basically prints strewn all over my man cave:)

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