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BTS Sunday: Gary Chapman in Xian, China

You’ll be seeing a lot of Gary S. Chapman around these BTS parts.

Late last year, when we traveled to a number of different countries, I chronicled his working process pretty well. Now maybe some of these will see the light of day.

In late November 2016 found ourselves in Xian, China, for a few days. If you use my search bar, you’ll find a few posts about our adventures in that outpost.

At one point – and I can’t remember if we were just scouting here and he saw something, or actually shooting – we were working out way through a pretty basic office building. Some nice light in some parts of it, but otherwise, blah.

As we were moving from one section to another, Gary spied a look he liked. With roller bag next to him, and me trying to stay out of the way, he snapped some corporate portraits.

He had the light, I had the darkness (not sure why the hallway lights were out). I knew I’d get a nifty silhouette out of this.

My trusty Fuji X100T gave me the look I wanted for a BTS.

And here’s what Gary, shooting Sony, was looking at….

(c) Gary S. Chapman 2016

In the corporate library, we tagged this one #employees, #partnering, #office #china

We did NOT use the #Uggs tag.

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