Update: Walking For Water


Hey all, just a quick update to my post about Walking For Water…

Even though Saturday was mainly a cloudy, cool day, by late afternoon, the sun came out and while still cool, it was a very fun event.

Burgers, hot dogs, all kinds of desserts, fire pits, kids playing (and walking!), the young adults playing some cool tunes…a fun time.

Happy to say, our team, Team Rev (the pastor of Allentown Presbyterian Church recruited us to be on his team, raised $12,000 (and came in first, but it’s a Christian event, so we ain’t gloating or anything).

Overall, the teams raised $50,000 for the village of Malawi.

Not to bad for our little 180 year old church!

If you contributed via my blog post, I’ll be getting the pictures printed this week (hopefully) and get them out to you ASAP!

Water Walk_052017_IMG_5131

Myself, and our team, really appreciates the generosity many of you showed. I know money is tight for a lot of people, and we all continually get hit with Kickstarter-like requests.

To open up your wallets to me, whom many of you have never met, really means something. But it means even more to the people in Malawi.

Thank you!!


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