JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 05.27.17

JSP Visual Week In Review_052717

Here we are barreling towards summer like a runaway lawn mower.

Quite the busy week that saw a little bit of everything. I practiced some portraiture early in the week, then was able to put that practice to work later in the week.

Shot some baseball stuff, some kids play stuff, and some local around town stuff.

Continued work on a long-form photojournalism project that has gotten underway.

Oh yeah, and a hot rod, too.

Headed into this long, three-day weekend with a clear head and empty media cards. Hope to shoot some good stuff!

How about you?


This Week’s Links

Birthdays this week: Aaron Rappaport

Deaths this week: Photojournalist Stanley Greene

What I watched this week: Fred Lyon: Living Through The Lens This is a seriously good documentary on one of my favorite photographers. What a special talent. When I saw him move from shooting his DSLR to a small point-and-shoot to get a shot, I realized he’s me in about 25 years. Watch this inf you can find it.

Via Strobist, Gregory Heisler on color and light.

Are the icons of photography still relevant? (I say yes.)

The other less famous photo of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald…and the man who shot it.

Mike Trout: Jersey guy. And a damn fine ballplayer.

“I honestly believe photography is 75 percent chance, and 25 percent skill.” ~ Stanley Greene

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