BTS: On Set, Musically

Georgia Owens_BTS_mkrajnak_052617_DSCF8236

Friday evening, I had the pleasure of photographing an up-and-coming musician right here in town.

She has a record release date coming up later this summer, and needs\es collateral for upcoming advertising, website, etc.

I’ll be delivering my final images to her this evening and then then I’ll share them here. Really happy with what I’ve seen from our set. Fingers crossed she and her team like them too.

But, here’s a quick BTS shot from just before we wrapped up. Pretty simple set up: A Neewer 160 CT LED light and a Limo Studios shoot-through umbrella. Both very budget friendly, as you can see.

Also took advantage of another fixed light that was on set  was throwing some nice pools of light for me to work with.

More tk…

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