Memorial Day 2017


It’s a rainy, cool early morning here in New Jersey.

My kids are to march in the Memorial Day Parade later this morning, one of my favorite ways to kick off the summer.

Hopefully, the rain will hold up to let us congregate in the neighborhood. Then, with the fire trucks and tractors leading the way, we walk down Main Street waving to the people lining the street, down past the Post Office, down past the Library, down past Woody’s Diner and the Old Mill, and over the bridge for the lake.

The kids start to complain a little about walking, but then we are almost done. We get to the middle school where there is usually sno-cone machine. We watch the rest of the parade catch up to us.

And, just like that, summer starts.

But it starts with remembrance first – for all those who fought – and are fighting – for the freedom we hold dear.

That’s the reason my boys line up on that chalk line and put their hats over their hearts as the National Anthem plays.


My father (left) and grandfather

This year, Chase, Matt…they asked me about why we do that. I was honored to tell them why.

National Anthem_052717_IMG_5385

So let’s start with remembrance…and then rush headlong in to my favorite three months of the year.

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