JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 06.03.17

JSP Visual Week In Review_060317

Turned another page and here we are at the middle part of the year.

Hard to believe it’s already been six months since we all did this.

Started the week picking strawberries last Sunday (early this year), then walked in a drizzily Memorial Day Parade with my boys. Baseball season is quickly coming to an end.

Then, a bit of sadness. My aunt passed away and we had the services this week. Normally, I’d take the slow route back up to Northeast PA, but, due to time constraints, had to take the turnpike both ways. Driving back to NJ on Wednesday evening, though, I was treated to a remarkable sunset over the hills and valleys of that part of Pennsylvania.

The good with the sad, I guess.


This week’s birthdays: Richard Caras, Larry Burrows, Joyce Tenneson, Howard Bingham,  Richard Nickel, George Hurrell, Keith Carter

What I read this week: Well, refer to yesterday’s post about all that.

What I listened to this week: Low Cut Connie

From the NY Times: Photos that evoke the film noir mystery (*sigh* even the NY Times doesn’t “get” film noir. These are nice B&W images. These do not evoke film noir to me.)

RIP Frank Deford

RIP Greg Allman

This, by author Benjamin Whitford. (apologies for the formatting)

Why photography is a fantastic way to maintain mental health.


“Our best pictures happen by grace.”– Joyce Tenneson

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