BTS Sunday: Victoria Pearson in Japan

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Victoria Pearson_Japan

January 2010, Hokkaido Region, Japan

First, sorry for the smallish nature of this image. Had to retrieve it from some back posts. The original, unfortunately, is on a hard drive that corrupted. And which I have not paid to get retrieved. And which I didn’t back up properly.

Anyway…..January 2010. I was on my first trip to Japan. This was part of an annual report story for the Johnson & Johnson Annual Report. The subject was a young woman who took one of our schizophrenia medicines, and used horse riding as therapy.

This was a pretty big trip where we hit Japan and China in the same swing. We were prepared for colder weather, but we didn’t expect to be standing in the snow photographing a woman with a horse. Windy and cold, indeed.

On set here was photographer Victoria Pearson (who is from Orange County, California, so not very used to winter weather at all), her assistant Jon, art director Stephen Doyle and our Japan fixer, Ricco, who stood all of 5 feet tall but was a firecracker for us.

And the horse handler, an employee of the stable we were at. She spoke no English, which is why we had Ricco there to do translation.

Vicki was shooting Canon with all natural light, just some reflector for fill.

Here’s the final photo that ran in the annual report.


Pretty nice portrait. One we didn’t really plan for but that worked out nicely!

Here’s my post from that day.

Vicki was great to work (and travel!) with. We still keep in touch, and almost worked together again last year. She’s on IG too!

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One thought on “BTS Sunday: Victoria Pearson in Japan

  1. Great Pictures i must say. As an photographer i can understand that It requires a lot of patience, efforts and creativity. You can have a look at my work and let me know how you find it. I would love to hear from photographer like you.

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