Personal Project: The Rookie Chronicles – Last Pitch

Last game_TRC_061217_IMG_6078

And so, on a warm late Spring evening that felt more like summer (It was about 90 degrees at 6 p.m. game time), the Marlins finished their season with an 11-11 tie against their rival Rockies.

(The 11th run the Rockies got was more a show of sportsmanship. A bang-bang play at second may or may not have been the result of one of our guys impeding the running progress of one of their guys. So, we gave them the extra run to soothe any hard feelings)


It was a very fun season with hit group of kids. Some great ballplayers-in-the-making for sure. The Allentown High School boys team just won a group title on Saturday…I wouldn’t be surprised if, in nine years, some of these kids are winning another one.

It was neat to see the development of these kids. They range from 6 to an young 8 year old, so progress is slow. Patience is needed. Some of the kids, who play a lot are much more inclined than some of the later-developing kids. They can scoop up grounds, catch pop-ups and even rope a double into the outfield.

For some of the other kids (and my Chase falls into that category), every grounder is an adventure and getting the bat on the ball – even for a foul tip – is cause for celebration.


Ryan H_TRC_061217_IMG_6039

Then…on the last pitch of his last-ab of the season…Chase finally got a clean single up the middle!

I was coaching first-base and was too busy encouraging him to shoot any pics, but I think I was more excited than he was when he made it safely to first base. He had to do one of his little dances while there, though.

Chase_first base_061217_IMG_6074

Coach Jeff gave the boys one last talk and that was that. Some of the boys will move up next year, some will put another season in with the Marlins…some may say baseball isn’t for them.

But wherever they go, they all had a great season, played well together and learned the game. Hopefully we coaches did a good job as well.

Marlins 2017_061017_IMG_5980

The 2017 Allentown-Upper Freehold Marlins

This was a nice little project for me. I think, at one point, I thought I’d post after every game. That didn’t happen, but that’s OK. I have a nice little reminder of the season now.

Maybe I’ll do a small book. I’ll definitely make prints.

Here’s a quick look back:

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