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Happy Father’s Day!

Dad, 1971

Happy Father’s Day!

Thinking today of my pop, and all he did for me over the years.

Thinking about what kind of father I am to my three kids, and what can I do better (if anyone knows where I can get a big can of Patience, please let me know.)

My dad is a great guy, and I take a bit of him with me every day.

Goes to show, though, that you can always learn something new. For 36 years, my dad was a corrections officer at a medium security state prison in Dallas, Pennsylvania (SCID for short).

While he spent a good amount of time working on a cell block or pulling guard duty, eventually he transitioned into a different role: Identification Officer.

Whenever a new prisoner would arrive at SCID, it was Dad’s job to catalog their personal belongings,  get them situated in their new home, and shoot their ID shots. Yep, their mug shots – front shot, side profile. All in black & white.

The other day when I was at my parents house, I came across this envelope that my dad probably had seen thousands of times – the sleeve the negatives would be filed in.

Yes, my dad took pictures every day. Yet, that didn’t carry over into personal life. He left his camera at the job, never really picked it up at home.

But I still wonder sometimes if that is where I got my passion from. Maybe all of his shutter clicks somehow seeped into me when I was young. (Certainly golf didn’t. Despite that photo above of me and my dad, neither of us took up the game.)

Yet, you can always learn something news. It was just this past May, when I was at my parents house to attend my aunt’s funeral, that I finally asked my dad what kind of camera he worked with everything. Again, we’re talking the ’70s through the ’80s – all pre-digital stuff.

Dad thought for a moment, and then said “I’m pretty sure it was a Speed Graphic.”

Now, I’m not sure which model it was. I’ve been going through some old photos to see if I could find one of him at work. No luck so far. Would be neat if I could find one, though.

I never asked if he developed his own film.

So, there’s a little memory about my dad. If you’re a dad, enjoy your day.

The work is long and hard and trying, it it’s absolutely the best thing we do.

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