JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 06.24.17

JSP Visual Week In Review_062417

So, yes, summer is officially here. It roared in this last week with all the gusto of a muscle car screaming down the Route 9 in New Jersey.

What will I remember about this week?


Myself with a finger that got infected (dirt under my cuticle, it seems), hurt like the dickens and blew up until finally I had to go to urgent care. Some antibiotics prescribed on Monday, keep up with the Advil, no we can’t lance it yet.

Antibiotics taken, swelling some more, finally on Thursday they lance it, I was squeamish through the whole thing. Good thing Matt was there to hold my hand. Still tender now, but getting better.

And our poor pup Roxie – well she’s not the pup now at 11 years old. She has a scratched eye which has been plaguing her for a couple of weeks. A couple of vet visits later, she looking funny (top right) but the eye seems to be healing (the vet had to sedate her to put some medication in, and while sedated, they clipped her face. MUCH to close for our liking. ) But at least she’s getting better.

The kids are officially out of school so we are off into the summer. Saw some fireflies for the first time this season this week. Some bats too.

We have a lot of plans and adventures. Some that we don’t even know about yet! But today’s adventure…hitting the high seas with my little guy Matt. A tradition I’ve done with each kid.

July, here we come.


Birthdays this week: Marion Edwin Warren, Beaumont Newhall, Hugh Bell

What I’m Reading This Week: String Theory by David Foster Wallace

What I Listened To This Week: Til The City’s On Fire. New by 311

RIP Stephen Furst. Before I knew his as Flounder in Animal House, I knew him as Axelrod in St. Elsewhere. One of my favorite TV shows ever.

Good listen: Podcast featuring my buddy, photographer Drew Gurian.

I dig this kid’s Twitter avatar. (Pretty darn good guitarist, too.)

It’s a long shot.

HCB looks back.

Immaculate Composition.

Daniel Milnor (Smogranch) on journaling. 

I interviewed Dan once.

“A good photo has to have a point of view. What am I photographing? What am I trying to say?” ~ Hugh Bell

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