Musicians & The Mosaic: Remember Jones

Remember Jones_mkrajnak_062717_MG_7724

What a way to kick off my Summer Project!

Somewhere along the line this year, I came across the music and performances of Remember Jones.

You want to talk about a singer, a musician, a bandleader, a STAGE PRESENCE….then you gotta know Remember Jones.

This cat (real name Anthony D’Amato) is the real deal. He brings and incredible singing voice and an unbeatable stage performance.

When he agreed to the shoot, I knew it was going to be great. I reached out to him a few weeks ago and after initially accepting, we just had to figure out a day and time. He’s incredibly busy right now, preparing for an album release party this coming 4th of July weekend at The Asbury Hotel, possibly the coolest joint in AP right now.

Finally, we booked the time. I got done with my day job and hustled me and my gear down to Asbury Park. It was about mid-afternoon in the middle of the week so not super crowded. In fact, I was able to get a PRIME parking spot in front of the Empress Hotel wall! I could work out of the back of my truck without lugging anything. Perfect!

BTS Set Up_062717

I got down there with plenty of time to prepare. I wanted to see if I’d need to set up any lighting. I recently picked up a Neewer softbox that I’d like to try out. But when I got down there and started to set up, I decided to just go with natural light.

A young lady walking by with her friend even helped by being a stand in.


I got my settings dialed in before Remember got on the scene (on the set) so was ready to go.

About 10 minutes later, I looked down the street and saw this guy on the corner in a flashy jacket looking around. Having scoped him out online a lot, I knew it was him.

The goal here is for me to come acquainted pretty quickly with these musicians, explain my project and then get started. I want them to be comfortable but hey, they don’t know me from Adam. I’m trying to relax them to get some good, fun portraits and also have myself become comfortable doing this. It’s my experience, photographers don’t often have oodles of time with a subject on a shoot. Lots of time to prepare, but once they are on-set, you might have minutes. I follow Brad Trent’s blog and he faces this a lot. And he’s a well-known pro!

Anyway, Remember came down and we shook hands. He had on this tiger print jacket and these mondo-big sunglasses. Funky stuff. I loved it.

After some small talk with Remember, we got started. Some simple portraits at first.

Remember Jone_mkrajnak_062717_MG_7675

Remember Jones_mkrajnak_062717_MG_7678

With..and without the sunglasses

Remember Jones_mkrajnak_062717_MG_7747

Color….and some B&W…because I love B&W portraits

Remeber Jones_mkrajnak_062717_DSCF8784

I also put a black backdrop behind him to grab a portrait like this.

Remember Jones_bw_mkrajnak_062717_DSCF8805

I liked it, didn’t love it though. The colors were just too great and B&W didn’t do them justice.

I wanted to bring out Remember’s stage presence though. So, before I left the house, I grabbed a microphone from my kid’s karaoke machine. It proved to be the perfect prop for remember to use. The the shot that leads of this blog is my favorite.

But I also like this one as he was getting loose, twirling the mic.

Rember Jones_mkrajnak_062717_MG_7717

Finally, because he’s dropping a new album, Tranquilizer, soon, I wanted some shots with that. Luckily, he brought along a CD. We got some with that.

Remember Jones_mkrajnak_062717_DSCF8824

Remember Jones_cropped_mkrajnak_062717_DSCF8832

Remember Jones_062717_MG_7758

Cool cover design by Daimon Alexandrius.

I followed up with Remember with the images the very next morning. He loved them and started to use them to promote on Instagram and Facebook, which is fine by me!RJ_IG_062017

Response has been really nice so far. Certainly it’s good to be timely, but I know that won’t happen all the time.


BTS shot by Zack Sandler

Overall, though, a great start to my summer project!

Remember Jones_MK_zack_sandler_062717_MG_7768

Photo By Zack Sandler

Check out Remember Jones:

Let Them Look,

Fortunate Son


More to come…

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