Musicians & The Mosaic: Zack Sandler

Zack Sandler_mkrajnak_062717_MG_7663

OK, maybe….technically…Zack Sandler was the first musician I shot in front of the Empress Hotel mosaic wall.

Yes, technically speaking, he was on the set before Remember Jones.

Buuuuut….Remember was the first cat I set up a shoot with. Zack was down in Asbury Park for the afternoon and swung by as I was setting up. He’s also managing some bands this summer and is working with Remember on some things, too.

Zack is no stranger to my camera. I’ve shot him a bunch of times, on stage and off, over the past few years. We had a great time shooting last summer. Then I provided photos for his first promoted concert, A Set For Vets, last winter.

Zack continues to be busy. He just finished his freshman year at Monmouth University, and when he’s not lending his sax talents to Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son, he’s sitting in with Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes. Not to mention doing more promotional work for bands in and around Asbury Park. I guess he sleeps at some point, too.

Zack Sandler_mkrajnak_062717_DSCF8778

It was cool Zack was there while I was getting set up for Remember Jone. Not only was I able to check light with him, he’s a great addition to my project.

For Zack, it was same gear: Natural, mid-afternoon (about 3:30 p.m.) light, Canon 70D and Fuji X100T.

Zack Sandler_mkrajnak_062717_MG_7655

I actually forgot to put him on the black background. Later this summer, I hope.

I did, though, have to get some shot of him and remember together.

Remember Jones_Zack Sandler_062717_MG_7786


That wall is weird, right? Keeps giving me different colors depending on various changes in my processing. I love it.

Had to get the group photo in, too. Even got to include Flo!






So, we’re off to a good start indeed!

More to come…

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