Happy 4th Of July!

Cream Ridge 2016

Cream Ridge, New Jersey 2016

Happy 4th of July! Always one of my favorite holidays. As a kid, I’d be so depressed if it were a cloudy, rainy day and we couldn’t get the chance to see fireworks.

Nowadays, I’m not a big fireworks fan, probably because of the crowds associated with them. And also because they scare my little dog, Roxie, half to death (Bo seems fine, so far).

In the spirit of, well, not ’76, but of the day,hHere’s a collection of my more patriotic images through the years.

May 2016

Allentown, New Jersey, 2016

Sussex County NJ June 2012

Sussex County, New Jersey,  2012


Robbinsville, New Jersey 2011

July 2011

East Brunswick, New Jersey 2011

NYC 2007

New York City, 2007

July 2003

San Francisco 2007

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