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BTS Sunday: Amy Fletcher

When I’m on a corporate website (and since I oversee a corporate website in my day jobs, I look at a lot of other websites), I always check out their Leadership page.

One of my nits is when their leader headshot are all mish-mash and don’t have a flow – some are environmental headshots, some are against a back ground. I like it when there is a uniform or a flow.

A few years ago, when I was with J&J Corporate, we had a new CEO coming in. And while I hired David Burnett to cover his first day on the job, we still needed new headshots in a variety of environmental settings for him to use with media requests.

To find the photographer to do this, I reached to a few of my friends on LinkedIn. One colleague from a financial planning company suggested Amy E. Fletcher, a Brooklyn-based shooter.

I checked out Amy’s portfolio out, gave her a call…and a good five-year working relationship started.

When I moved from the J&J corporate gig to one of their associated companies, I hung onto Amy’s number. Not only do I still use her, but other J&J businesses do so as well.

The above photo typifies Amy’s work: Using natural light, one assistant, one reflector, a 70-300 mm lens, Canon 5DMarkIII camera.

Easy, simple, low footprints. And best of all, quality work.

Production shot of the BTS image

Amy’s not only a solid shooter but she turns the headshots around super quick, which is often the second goal of the shoot (the first being beautiful executive headshots.)

She’s shot me, too, and I’ve used her image as my LinkedIn headshot for a while too (till I switched it out for one I shot).

I’ve learned a lot about shoots nice headshots from watching her work. Recently, for my job, I photographed a day-long meeting for financial analysts. I was shooting for my company, but I was thrilled to see Amy there as well, still shooting for J&J.

Except Amy had more than a camera with her…she had a pretty big baby bump too! When I last dropped Amy a note a few weeks ago, she still hadn’t had the baby. But I’m pretty sure she’s now not only a fantastic photographer, but a brand-new Mom, too!

Check out her site and follow her on Twitter and on Facebook.

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