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Event: Noir At The Bar Portraits

Noir At The Bar.

Or, as we like to say.

Noir @ The Bar.

I’ve written about it before. Once here (the first one in New Jersey!) Once here, round two.

These are fun writer events that are open to anyone who wants to come, or wander in, to the bar where they are happening.

Recently a group of top-notch writers crowded into Shade Bar in Greenwich Village, and for two hours brought their best stuff.

The group of writers on the slate was especially strong because Thrillerfest was going on and many were in town for that.

Gents like Joe Clifford (San Francisco) and Brian Panowich (Tennessee) were in the Shade house. These guys don’t get to NYC to often, so it was cool to have them in the house for this.

Also, for me, it was great to meet Joe and Brian. It was back in early 2014 that I reached out to Joe to see if I could get some pics into the new TROUBLE IN THE HEARTLAND anthology.

We all know that turned out.

Joe and I have kept in touch about various things (books, Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem) over the years. Facebook is good for that. But with him on West Coast, I don’t  know that I ever expected to meet him. Much less do some headshots.

Actually, that was my goal for this N@TB – to do some more author headshots. I got in touch with Jen Conley who was organizing the event, and asked her to put it out there with all the writers. Time-for-portfolio: They give me some time to build my portfolio and I’ll give them some nice headshots in return.

I got some bites.

Angel Colon, who has a new Blacky Jaguar novel out, took me up on my offer.

And so did writer, illustrator, and Emmy-winner Eric Beetner.

Finally, Danny Gardner wanted some headshots. To be honest, I only had cursory knowledge of Danny. I knew he had a new book, nay a FIRST book out, A Negro and an Ofay.

I didn’t know that he was a screenwriter, an actor, a director and even did (does?) stand-up comedy. All this I didn’t know.

I should have had an inkling though, because once he got in front of the camera, the light went on.

Face *snap* Different face *snap* Different face *snap* Fourth face *snap*

To top it off, I won Danny’s book in a raffle and got him to sign it for me.

Best of all, though, he put them to good use almost immediately.

The rest of the Noir @ The Bar was pretty fantastic. Shade Bar is small, narrow like a shoe box on its side. It was a hot evening in NYC and the readings were really good. The one portrait I wished I could have shot, but just never got the chance too, was of Brian Panowich.

Brian wrote Bull Mountain, which I think I read in early 2015. Amazing novel. Think it’s going be made into a movie as some point. Brian is an ex-firefighter and while we’ve been Facebook friends for a while (and are both in TROUBLE too), never really thought our paths would cross.

But they did here in Greenwich Village. The best I could do, though, was a snap of him during his reading.

Brian Panowich

I wouldn’t have minded shooting the huge BULL MOUNTAIN in script across the top of his back…apparently authors getting ink when they finish a book is a thing…especially with the stack of writers I was hanging with that evening.

Oh well, guess I left a little on the table for the next time.

(That IS Brian’s bourbon I used as a prop for the photo that opens this piece though.) 

One last thing: If you’re looking for new writers to read…please do check out anyone mentioned in this post. All top-notch.

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