JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 07.29.17

JPS Visual Week In Review_072917

Wow, last Saturday in July already.

We’re heading into the final 1/3 of the summer. Already. Where did July go?

I’ve seen Back To School ads (seems early, but with some part of the US going back around mid-August, I guess advertisers have to account for that.) I’ve also see a Halloween display in our local Acme supermarket. That seems WAY early.

The days are slipping by and I haven’t made much progress on my Musicians &  The Mosaic project. Lots of “Yeah, that’s cool!” from folks, but haven’t been able to lock any in. Hoping to do at least eight more before Labor Day. Better get moving!

I’m coming off a vacation week. More of a staycation as we stayed local (well, my wife and kids took an overnight trip with friends, I stayed around the estate.) Got some yard work done, threw in a great trail run/workout (I have an obstacle course race next weekend and feel woefully under-trained). Did some shooting but didn’t grind on a couple of new personal projects I was hoping to start.

I also had to bill out for some design work I did…and the reaction I got was underwhelming. Not for my work, per se, but for the amount of time I figured it took and the estimation from my client that “more should have been done in that time frame.” I was a bit surprised. I think people don’t realize that it takes time for proper design.

I’m trying to get something to fit, to flow in a small space, make it work with the image, determine the best font (yes, even that takes time).

I think it goes back to the old “oh…thought you could just do this for me…for free.” But, again, we don’t ask the baker for free doughnuts…we don’t ask the plumber for a free dishwasher fix…we don’t ask the mechanic to do our car service for free. Why does this perpetuate with creatives?

I don’t know.

Anyway, end of rant

What I do know is…it’s the end of the month. Back up your work.

Make prints.

Get it done.


This Week’s Links:

Birthdays this weeks: Stanley Kubrick, Elliott Erwitt, William Eggleston, Joe McNally, Agustín Casasola.

RIP photo editor legend, John G. Morris

Now is a good time to watch the documentary on John Morris, Get The Picture. It’s on Amazon Prime and on YouTube.

What I read this week: A Beautiful Poison by Lydia Kang

Also: Dolly by Tony Knighton.

What I watched this week: OZARK on Netflix, with Jason Bateman. Really liked it.

New Chester Himes biography

Long read: The Toxic Saga of the World’s Greatest Fish Market

“The camera gear we have at our fingertips now constitutes a one-way ticket to Imagination City.” – Joe McNally

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