Friday Noir: Dialing For Dollars


Uh, hello?

You have the money?

Um, almost.

Almost isn’t good enough.

I’m working on it. It’ ain’t easy to get that amount of cabbage in such a short time.

Well get it. You know the deal.

Yeah, I know.

No money…you can kiss the sweet little sister goodbye.

Don’t get all antsy, I’ll get it.

You better, all’s I’m saying.

I gotcha. Sit tight. I still have six hours.

Yep, six hours is all you got, alls I’m sayin’.


Six hours to oil up the gat, fuel up the rod and go bring the beautiful baby home.


Deep into the archives for this one. Back in 2008, I was part of a production called Two Detectives that ran off Broadway. Seriously, just a block off of Broadway in NYC.

In addition to contributing photography to the play, I photographed their final dress rehearsal. This is actor James Venable who played Detective Bobby Sullivan in the play.

I’m always amazed at the opportunities this camera has brought me.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2017

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