JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.05.17

JSP Visual Week In Review_080517

Lookit us, we made it into August.

To me that means a couple of things:

  1. Pretty soon my lawn will burn out and I won’t be cutting it as much
  2. We’re in the last third of the summer

This week hummed along at a nice pace. Went to the Statue of Liberty last Sunday. A couple of super busy days at work (it doesn’t slow down in the summer, don’t know people think it does) and some puttering around town.

Got some prints in, mailed some prints out.

Ordered a new piece of gear. I’ve been on a bit of gear buying binge recently, and I’d like to go over that at some point but just haven’t gotten around to it. Soon, I promise.

But I want to put this out there to my readers: I got an email from a neighbor asking me their thoughts. Their teenage daughter is interested in photography and is asking my opinion on if I think they should have her take photography classes or learn online via YouTube and such.

I haven’t responded yet because I’m not exactly sure what to tell him. As a parent, I know photography classes can be expensive. Not that we don’t want to do that for our kids, but jeez…another bill.

I also know that I’m self-taught. I’ve taken one lighting class a number of years ago. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t watched a ton of videos and read books/websites/magazine articles to help me learn my machine.

More importantly, though, I’ve shot. And shot. And shot and shot and shot. That’s the real way I think you “learn” to be a photographer. You have to develop that eye. And that comes from practice.

I’m tempted to have him tell her to self-learn but take classes on Photoshop and the like (again, I’ve learned that through trial-and-error and YouTube).

The challenge is time. I’ve sat up many a nights and early mornings watching how-to videos. Maybe a teen doesn’t have that type of time. Maybe they’re better at butt-in-the-seat learning since they are in that mode.

So, I’ll throw it out there. What do you guys think? For someone starting out, would you recommend photography classes? Or do they just need to keep getting out there, shooting and learning?

Interested in your thoughts.

But now, I’m off to the races.


Birthdays this week: Edgar de Evia, Jack Delano, Del Ankers, Burk Uzzle, William H Tipton

RIP Sam Shepard

What I watched this week: Niagara. Love the colors. Might make a run there by late summer.

What are Magnum photographers reading this summer.

On the Black Photography Compendium by John Edwin Mason

Succeeding in editorial photography

Leo’s notebooks are available.

Elliott Erwitt’s lost photographs of Pittsburgh

“The incredible pleasure of photography is that you have to be there to do it.” ~ David Hurn

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4 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08.05.17

  1. Well I’d say if they’re thinking of a formal school like NESOP or something, no. But for somebody brand new I think online or in person workshops or can be valuable as a starting point. Photoshop and most SLR’s can be pretty intimidating to look at and give you a “where the hell do I even start” feeling. So I think some help getting off the ground is worthwhile. Udemy and other online learning options would probably be pretty good for that, and aren’t too expensive.

    But, I agree with you. Once you know what the buttons and knobs do, I don’t think there’s much value in ‘formal’ education beyond that. Shoot. Read a book or two. Find photography related blogs and websites and read those. Pretty much everything I’ve learned about lighting I learned from strobist.com (I’m not sure David Hobby is still updating that though). There’s no shortage of resources out there.

    But mostly shoot.

    • Thanks, Adrian. Good thoughts. I’ve never heard of Udemy, just had to Google it (see how much I don’t know!). Interesting. And yes, David Hobby still does post thought it’s a lot less frequent by his own design. He wanted to cut back on the “noise” out there so picks his spots now. He just posted this week, actually.

  2. Along with the online classes, a local camera club may help with training and mentoring a beginner. The club I belong to has a “Boot Camp” class every month before the meeting, speakers at the regular meetings and group field trips to go out shooting. The latter is helpful for learning how that technical stuff affects the images you take.

    • Good thoughts, David. Unfortunately, not sure if there’s a “local” camera club around. I know our town doesn’t have one. May have to do some searching around for that.

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