The Garage Studio In Effect


I recently decided to supplement my gear base with a basic black (and white) background.

I’ve been threatening to get one for a while. Finally, in early July, I picked up a background from Impact Lighting on Amazon. There’s a whole bunch of them out there but a friend recommended this one, so that’s what I went with.

I’ve been dying to try it out. Even took it into NY the other week when I did the author shots at Noir @ The Bar.

But…it’s a good size. And it was breezy in Greenwich Village. And I hadn’t had the time to really open it out, and try to set it up. It kept shifting on me, wasn’t steady. So, I defaulted back to my environmental portraits.

This past weekend, I ran a Terrain Race (obstacle mud race). When I got home, I had some yard work to do. The family went out with some friends. When I got done with my yard work, though, I wanted to shoot something.

So, I set the background up, in my garage and figured out how to secure it on the side with a clamp, and a sandbag to steady it as well.

I know it seems pretty basic, but if you haven’t done it before….there’s things to work through!

Here’s the BTS.


Don’t judge my messy garage

And here’s what I wanted to shoot. An old suitcase I had rescued from a trip to the recycling yard.

Still has the airline tag on it…from 1969!

AE Luggage_080517_MG_9131


The garage acts like a big soft box. I was really liking the light.

Before I broke the background down, the kids came home. I grabbed my daughter, son and their friend for a few quick portraits.


This little due gets in front of the camera and it’s on.


These two…friends for so many years now.

Jacob Bieber_080517_MG_9150

And, before I totally put the gear away…grabbed one of myself in my latest OCR t-shirt.


So, a simple black background. One really nice light (natural light) but one that can be duplicated.

Portable. Quick setup and break down. Reversible, too, with white on the other side.

Can’t wait to try it out again soon!

More to come…

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